Yahi To Shuruaat Hai Blur Effect Reels Editing

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Welcome Guy’s… In today’s article, we are going to learn Yahi To Shuruaat Hai Blur Effect Reels Editing. This Reels video has become very viral on Instagram, so you are expected to make a Reels video like this and upload it. It is very easy to make such reels video, you can make such a video in very less time. To make such a video, you have to record a video, recording a video is very simple, you can go in front of the camera and act as you want.

Yahi To Shuruaat Hai Blur Effect Reels Editing

*To edit video, you must have capcut app in your phone, to run capcut app in India, you must have any vpn, then first of all you will connect your vpn, after that open the capcut app.

How To Edit This Video

Step 1. First open the VPN and connect.

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vpn connect

Step 2. By opening the capcut app, you will add the video that you have recorded, after that click on Add Audio and add the sound as well.

Add audio

Download Sound Video

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Step 3. Click on Audio and click on Beats.


Step 4. After that, wherever the beats will fall, put a tick there, to tick, below you will get to see a botton by adding beats, you can tick it by clicking on it.

beat mark

Step 5. Wherever you have ticked, you will split your video from there and you will adjust the speed in your video by increasing or decreasing it.

video split

Step 6. You will get to see a bright colored button, click on it.


Step 7. apply blurred effect.

add effect

Step 8. First open the effect from beats, after that open the party option and apply the strobe effect.

add strobe effect

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Step 9. In front of that, you will apply the animation with swing buttons in all of them, open the animation to apply, then open these animations, in that you will apply the animation with swing buttons.

animation apply

Step 10. Next to it, whatever small part you click on it, click on edit and click on the mirror, then it will be reversed.

photo mirror

Step 11. Click on the effect after coming to the starting, from there you will apply the halo blur effect, save the video by clicking on the arrow.

halo blur effect apply


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