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Baazigar O Baazigar Reels Video

Video editing

Hello Guys…In today’s article, we are going to learn how you can make Baazigar o Baazigar reels video which goes viral very fast on reels. You can make such a video in a very short time, so let us learn how to make your own video. To make this, you have to record the video, how to do that you will know further. To make it, you can make it from any app, but what we will make are these vn video editor apps, how to download it, you will know all that further.

Baazigar O Baazigar Reels Editing

This video has gone viral very fast on reels, if you create and upload something like this video, then we hope that your reels video will also go viral. You can upload this video on any short video platform like Instagram Reels YouTube Short MX Takatak Chingari etc. You will get to see many such short video platforms on which you can make the video viral by uploading it.

How To Shoot Video

*So to make video you have to record video in two(2) parts

*Some things to keep in mind while recording video.

*Your mobile should be fixed at one place, it should not be shaken, if you have a tripod, then it is good to record the video by putting it in it and the sky should be visible in the video as much as possible.

Part 1. If you have a truck, then you can record the video by going in front of it, if not, then you can record the video under any roof.

Part 2. To do video recorder, you must have any high thing on which you can keep stone or brick, you can keep what you want to keep, if you do not have any high thing, then you can put a table or chair. You can record by acting on it.

*If you do not understand how to record, then below you will find the button Watch Now, by clicking on it, you can see my YouTube video, in that you are told step by step, how to record, how to edit To do.

Watch Now

How To Edit Video

To edit the video, we will also use N Video Editor App, if it is not in your phone, then you can download it by clicking on the download button given below, then I already have it, so let’s open it and learn this editing. give

VN Video Editor

Step 1. First of all, open the VN Video Editor app and click on New Project.

Bazigar X Basti Ka Hasti Reels Editing

Step 2. You will add the first video that you have recorded and click on the arrow.


Step 3. You will also add the second video that you have recorded by clicking on the Tap to sticker.

Baazigar add

Step 4. Open the mask after the video is added.

Baazigar open mask

Step 4. By clicking on the linear, you will remove the redundant part by masking it.

Baazigar masking

Step 5. Then set the layered video in the sky properly, your video will be ready.

baazigar set video

Download Materail…

All the materials used in making this video can be downloaded from the download button given below.

Download Materail

Step 6. If still the video is not able to be made properly, then click on your main video clip and click on duplicate.

Baazigar dublict

Step 7. By clicking on the next part, click on forward, it will come as a layer.

Baazigar forward

Step 8. By opening Chorma, you will remove your sky in a good way.

baazigar sky remove

Step 9. Then add music by clicking on tap to music.

baazigar add music

Step 10. By clicking on the arrow, you will see your quality, after that export the video.

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