capcut halo blur effect

Capcut Halo Blur Effect

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Hello Guys…In today’s article, we are going to learn how you can apply capcut halo blur effect in your video. You must have capcut app in your phone to apply blur effect in video. So you all must know that capcut app is banned from our India, to run it in India, you have to be connected to any VPN, my phone has Super VPN, so we open Super VPN and connect it There will also be VPN, you will open it and connect it. If you do not have any VPN in your phone, then you can download Super VPN. To download Super VPN, you can download by clicking on the Super VPN button below.

Super VPN

Capcut Halo Blur Effect

*My name is Sujit, and many many welcome to page, and my YouTube channel name is Technical Sujit, I am editing from last two years old. With a lot of hard work and dedication, I have come up with this article just for you. I hope after reading this article you can make better video.

*To download Capcut App in India, click on the Capcut App button given below, then my new article will open, from there you can download Capcut App, how to do it, we have told everything there, just download it from there. will take.

Capcut App

how to apply blur effect in video

Step 1. First of all you will connect your vpn, after that open Capcut app, if you do not connect vpn then you will get to see internet issu.

blur vpn

Step 3. Open capcut app and click on new project.

capcut blur

Step 4. Select the video in which you want to apply blur effect and click on Add button.

capcut blur select video

Step 5. After that click on the effect and click on the video effect.

blur video effect

Step 6. Apply the halo blur effect by clicking on the Basic option.

halo blur

Step 7. By clicking on adjust, we can simply reduce the intensity to blur effect.

blur reduce

Step 8. If you want to apply more effects in your video, you can do that, after that you will export the video by clicking on the arrow after applying the sound.

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