nadiyon paar reels video editing

Nadiyon Paar Halo Blur Effect Reels Editing

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Hello Guys…In today’s article, we are going to learn how you can do nadiyon paar halo blur effect reels editing. To make such a video, you have to record a video, how to do it is simple, you will fix your mobile at one place or give it to someone, you can do whatever you want by acting ahead of that. If you do not understand how to act, how to record, then you can watch our YouTube video, below you will see the watch now button.

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Nadiyon Paar Halo Blur Effect Reels Editing

To edit the video, you must have capcut app in your phone, to run capcut app in India, you must have any one P N, then first of all you will connect your PM, after that open the capcut app.

How To Edit Video

Step 1. First of all, you will open your VPN and connect it to any country.

Download Capcut App

Capcut App

nadiyon paar vpn

Step 2. Open capcut app and click on new project.

nadiyon paar capcut

Step 3. Select the video that you have recorded and click on the add button.

nadiyo paar video add

Step 4. add sound by clicking on add audio.

nadiyon paar add audio

Download Super VPN

Super VPN

Step 5. If you want to slow fast the speed in your video, then you can do that by clicking on this speed.

slow fast

Step 6. After that click on ADO and click on match cut.

nadiyon paar reel

Step 7. Wherever the beat will fall, click on add beat and put a tick on it.

halo blur tick

Step 8. You will split your video at the same place where you have ticked.

nadiyoon paar split

Step 9. Click on the animation by clicking on the first part and apply the animation which is Philip’s by clicking on the out.

nadiyon paar reels editing

Step 10. After that, apply the animation of shake 3 of these animations on three consecutive photos.

nadiyon paar animation

Download Sound Video

Sound Video

Step 11. By clicking on the fourth part, apply the slide left animation in these animations.

nadiyon paar left

Step 12. After that go to combo on all the parts ahead and apply animation with stretch and distort.


Step 13. Click on the effect after coming to the starting and apply the halo blur effect by clicking on the basic.

nadiyon basic

Step 14. Export the video by clicking on the arrow.

nadiyon paar export

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