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Haye Ab To Wo Log Humse Baat Tak Nahi Karte Reels Editing

Video editing

Welcome Guy’s…In today’s article we are going to learn Haye Ab To Wo Log Humse Baat Tak Nahi Karte Reels Editing. To edit such a video, you should have VN Video Editor App in your phone and Capcut App along with it, by which we will apply Blur Effect, you must have any VPN to run Capcut App in India. we will use super vpn. To make such a video, you have to record a video in which your sky should be visible, in which we can replace another sky.

Haye Ab To Wo Log Humse Baat Tak Nahi Karte Reels Editing

How To Edit This Video

Step 1. First open VN Video Editor App and click on New Project.

vn app

Download VN Video Editor App

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Step 2. You will select the video that you have recorded and click on this Arrow.

Video Add

Step 3. Add audio by clicking on Tap to add music.

music add

Download Sound Video

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Step 4. Add moon photos by clicking on Tap to sticker.

moon photos add

Download Moon Photos

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Step 5. By clicking on the Mask, click on Linear and you will adjust your photo in a good way.


Step 6. Click on main video and click on duplicate.

video duplicate

Step 7. Click on duplicate part and click on forward.

Duplicate part click

Step 8. Bring the layer to the starting point and click on fill to make it full screen.

Full screen

Step 9. By clicking on chroma, you will pick your color with colorpicker tools, after that you will remove your sky.

Chroma key

Step 10. After that click on filter and click on adjust.

colour adjust

Step 11. Exposure -100, Contrast +100, Brightness -100 do it.


Step 12. After that, by clicking on Tap to add subtitle, you will write whatever lyrics you have.

Add lyrics

Step 13. You will see your quality by clicking Arrow Par Click Done Par Click will export this video.

export video

Step 14. After that open the VPN and connect.

vpn connect

Step 15. Open Capcut App and click on New Project.

capcut app open

Download Capcut App

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Step 16. After adding the video, click on the effect, then click on the video effect.

video effect

Step 17. Apply the halo blur effect by clicking on Basic.

blur effect apply

Step 18. By clicking on Arrow you will export your video.

video export

1 thought on “Haye Ab To Wo Log Humse Baat Tak Nahi Karte Reels Editing

  1. Absolutely fascinated by the creativity in Haye Ab To Wo Log Humse Baat Tak Nahi Karte Reels Editing! Using VN Video Editor and Capcut together seems like a winning combination. And that VPN hack for Capcut in India? Genius! Can’t wait to explore this and add some magic to my videos!

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