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Sajan Sajan Teri Dulhan Reels Editing

Video editing

welcome guy’s…In today’s article we are going to learn Sajan Sajan Teri Dulhan reels video editing how you can do it whereas in today’s article we are going to learn. In this you will get to learn how you can change the sky of your video, along with you can do your video in black effect. After that, how can you apply FX in your video, how can you apply effects, how can you do slow motion, fast motion.

Sajan Sajan Teri Dulhan Reels Editing

*You must have VN Video Editor App in your phone to edit this video.

*To edit such a video, you have to record a video, how to do video recorder is very easy, you will fix your mobile at any one place, you can act like you want in front of it, just Sky should be visible in your video, in which we will replace another sky.

How To Edit This Video

Step 1. Open the VN Video Editor app and click on New Project.

Download VN Video Editor App

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vn app

Step 2. Whatever you record the video, you will add it and click on Arrow.

video add

Step 3. Add Sky photo by clicking on Tap to sticker.

photo add


Step 4. By clicking on Mask, click on Linear, after that you will adjust your Sky.

sky mask

Download Sky Photo

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Step 5. I clicked on the video and clicked on duplicate.

Video Copy

Step 6. Click on duplicate video then forward it.

video add

Step 7. Layer video starting full screen by clicking on Fill.

add video

Step 8. You remove your sky by opening chroma.


Download Sound Video

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Step 9. By clicking on Filter, click on Adjust, Exposure -100, Contrast +100, Brightness -100, will do.


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